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Out & About (:


Fresh Face 2014 #withonebigasspimpleonmyforehead #nomakeup #freshface

Missin my boo :’(

I wanna be off already #nofilterjusttired

the-good-winter Asked: hi! you're such a babe. love your blog. how's your night going?

Thank you and thank you lol. I didn’t get much sleep last night :’(

Never Eating Hot Cheetos Again. By the way, they’re made of cardboard and petroleum. #stayhealthy #cheetos


Pazookie Time


It’s too damn hot! #darkskin #waitingondellawithtina

tommyrussian Asked: Hey ur awesome looking 😘

Awkward thank you boo (:

I thought a cold shower would make me feel better but it didn’t, so I took a selfie..AND I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT. #badday

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Morning #goodmorning #allbeatup